Language Enhancements

In addition to the Jsonnet language, DataSonnet includes the following language enhancements:

  • try/else statement. If the expression after try results in error, the expression after else will be evaluated. For example:

        tryNonexistent: try payload.doesntExist else "OK",
        tryChain: try payload.doesntExist else try payload.missing else "OK",
        tryNaN: try std.parseInt("NotANumber") else -1,
        tryInIf: if (try payload.doesntExist else "OK") == "OK" then "OK" else "NotOK"
  • default operator - this is a syntax sugar for try/else. For example:

        tryNonexistent: payload.doesntExist default "OK",
        tryChain: payload.doesntExist default payload.missing default "OK",
        tryNaN: std.parseInt("NotANumber") default -1

See Also: default header