Command Line Interface

You’ll call the Command Line Interface (CLI) either via a Java Jar or Docker, but the arguments passed will be the same either way. In this shared documentation, calling the CLI with some arguments will be written datasonnet -args here, where datasonnet stands for either the Jar or Docker calling convention.

Transforming Data

datasonnet run mapping.ds input.json

This passes “input.json” as the payload to the transformation. Note: it doesn’t matter to the CLI what your filename is, it will pass it to the DataSonnet with the name “payload”. The output will be printed.


datasonnet validate mapping.ds

This validates the syntax of your DataSonnet. Note: it does not validate the logic of the program at all, for example, errors in variable names.


For more options, including how to pass variables into your DataSonnet, check out the help options with -h.